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Finding The Best Business Texting Solution was the goal of Nicky Smith, our founder who has been in the technology, IT world, for now, more than 45 years. Yes, I said 45 years. He started as a computer programmer in 1978 writing COBOL and other languages but quickly discovered working for major corporations was not his passion. During his education at Appalachian State University, he has the honor of receiving recognition from the first Commercial COBOL Programmer and author of the language Captain Grace Hopper. In 1980 he opened a retail computer store in Charlotte, NC, and build a successful business with three partners selling Apple, Atari, Xerox 820, and home and hobby computers later in 1982 selling the very popular IBM PC and the Apple Macintosh

In 1983 and 84 Nicky had an experience that he will never forget in meetings with Steve Jobs in Cupertino, California to preview and understand the future of computers collaborating with Steve on the Apple IIC and the pending announcement of the Apple Lisa business computer.

Nicky is a serial entrepreneur and has enjoyed success in building businesses. In 1990 Nicky built a dial-up IPS known as “NETMCR” and later CarolinaNET.com servicing thousands of dial-up users frustrated with busy signals from the other dial-up ISPs like AOL.com and Earthlink and ComuServe. It was a big success and Nicky saw an easy exit from being a dial-up provider in 1999 to a web hosting and data center as broadband access was becoming available.

Finding The Best Business Texting Solution

Having a very successful history in technology and being a host for many thousands of websites in his data center as Carolinanet.com Nicky quickly found in 2005 that VoIP was the future he wanted to build his next business on. With some brilliant engineers, he started offering hosted voice services as the business Carolina Digital Phone and quickly found success with the public sector, enterprise customers, and businesses looking for remote options for hybrid workers in their business.

Recognizing the demand for text messaging, Nicky embarked on his next venture and created TextNow.cloud Messaging. However, he encountered obstacles when trying to send text messages to phones without being labeled a mass bulk spammer. To ensure that mission-critical messages were delivered to users who had consented to receive messages from businesses, hospitals, churches, or government agencies, Nicky followed the carefully monitored guidelines provided by CampaignRegistery.com.

Here are some examples of how text messaging has transformed communication in these fields:

  1. Businesses: Text messaging has enabled businesses to provide quick and convenient customer service through SMS support. It has also facilitated the development of personalized marketing strategies, as businesses can send targeted messages to individual customers based on their preferences and purchasing history. Text messaging has also made it possible to send appointment reminders, delivery notifications, and other important updates to customers in real time.
  2. Healthcare: Text messaging has been instrumental in improving patient care and outcomes. It allows healthcare providers to send appointment reminders, medication reminders, and follow-up messages to patients. Text messaging has also been used to share health information, such as disease prevention tips and treatment recommendations. In addition, text messaging has facilitated the provision of mental health support, allowing patients to text counselors and therapists at any time.
  3. Government: Text messaging has enabled government agencies to communicate with citizens more efficiently and effectively. Governments can send alerts and emergency notifications to citizens in a matter of seconds, which is particularly important during natural disasters and other crises. Text messaging has also made it possible for governments to conduct surveys, solicit feedback, and provide public services such as voting and tax collection.
  4. Nonprofit organizations: Text messaging has been a game-changer for nonprofit organizations, as it allows them to engage with volunteers and supporters in a more personal and direct way. Nonprofits can send updates on fundraising efforts, events, and volunteer opportunities through text messaging. They can also use text messaging to raise awareness about their cause, share success stories, and encourage donations.
  5. Political candidates: Text messaging has become a key tool in political campaigns, allowing candidates to communicate with voters on a large scale. Political campaigns can send messages to supporters encouraging them to volunteer, donate, or attend events. Text messaging has also been used to share campaign updates, such as endorsements and poll results, and to encourage voters to go to the polls on election day.

Text messaging has transformed the way that businesses, healthcare providers, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and political candidates engage with their stakeholders. Its convenience, immediacy, and personalization have made it an indispensable tool for modern communication.

Today, TextNow.cloud Messaging is setting the standard for sending Text Messaging to small groups or millions. I hope you will experience this new technology in a way we hope you will be able to engage your clients, volunteers, or potential customers to be part of a conversation with Text Messaging. There is never a setup fee and never a commitment. Try Text Messaging and share your experience with others.

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