Fitness Centers Can Grow Memberships

Fitness Centers and Gyms Grow with Text Messaging

Fitness Centers and Gyms can use Text Messaging to retain customers and grow membership

Fitness Centers and Gyms can use Text Messaging. Text messaging has been gaining traction in the fitness industry as one of the most effective ways to stand out from other gyms and keep members engaged with their fitness center or gym. An estimated 98% of all text messages sent are opened and read, making it an attractive option for marketers in almost any industry. Here’s a look at how fitness centers and gyms can use text messaging to retain customers and grow their membership:

Messages about Promotions, Specials, and Updates

Sending Text Now Messages on a timely basis about promotions, specials, and updates can help increase interest in your gym and entice potential members with special offers. You can send suggestions for fitness plans or even share product discounts when you have them so that customers can make use of them in time before they expire.

Encourage Member Retention with Relevant Reminders

You want to make sure that your members remain active at your facility. Text message reminders are great for doing this since they are hard to miss – nearly all texts are opened within a few minutes – so people are less likely to forget or ignore the reminder. You can set up automated texts that remind members of upcoming classes or check-in times at their favorite classes during recurring days and times each month.

Send Location-based Discounts on Products/Services

One simple but effective way to capture more attention is by sending out location-based discounts on products and services offered by your center or gym. People who receive promotional discount codes while they’re physically present inside your facility will be more likely to take advantage of those deals than someone who gets a code through email weeks later. So consider reaching out with SMS messages offering discounts on monthly memberships when people come into the gym itself or near the area (e.g., using location-based marketing).

Offer Customized Tips to Improve Performance

Fitness centers often offer personalized guidance on how to improve performance and maintain healthy lifestyle habits outside of the gym facility itself. You can use text messaging to send customized tips based on individual members’ needs such as exercises they should do at home, dietary recommendations, stress management advice, etc. This personalization helps cement your brand in their mind as a reliable source of information – something that customers will definitely appreciate over time!

Measure Responses Using Activity Metrics

To track the return on investment from text message campaigns it’s essential to measure activity metrics such as open rate, click rate, etc., so you know which messages were more successful than others and how well-texted advertisements perform compared with other marketing channels like email campaigns or physical advertisement boards around town, etc. The response rate analysis should inform decisions about adjusting future campaigns for improved results overall

Start Text Messaging Your Members and Grow Your Business Tooday

Text Now Messaging has made it easier for gyms and fitness centers to push out content faster & smarter ways than before (your customer won’t miss any important upcoming events/promotions anymore)! It allows them to gather insight from real conversations & feedback whilst simultaneously keeping active users engaged too – resulting in healthier returns through repeat visits number-wise & higher member retention rate overall!

When you onboard with us you will be assigned a Text Messaging specialist that understands your needs to build your business and grow your base of members. We will help you in learning how to capture members and prospective members to your fitness center or gym and also how to upsell them on additional services. Within just a few weeks you will find your membership happy to see your messages and with referral promotions, you can send you will find referrals much easier to bring in for the first time and become long-term gym members.

Don’t wait any longer call us today at (888) 600-5411 or signup here and within a few minutes a specialist will call you to get started texting!

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