Guaranteed Text Message Delivery with the new Campaign Registry Guidelines

Getting Delivery of your SMS and MMS Text Messages and Staying Compliant

With the launch of‘s new Messaging Compliance regulations, companies providing text now messaging services have had to adjust their practices in order to remain compliant and guarantee that text messages are successfully delivered. However, understanding these complex regulations can be challenging. Here’s an overview of’s Messaging Compliance requirements and how TextNow is 100% compliant with these new regulations. is a nonprofit organization created to help businesses be aware and adhere to industry regulations related to communications with customers through text messaging, emailing social media, and other digital channels. The organization has recently updated its guidelines for messaging compliance which aims to ensure that all communications are GDPR-compliant and follow accepted best practices for customer data privacy.

Thankfully, Text Now is 100% compliant with the new rules and guidelines set by All contact records in the system are GDPR-compliant and subscriber consent is required for any communication sent or received through Text Now’s service platform. Additionally, a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) must be signed in order for users to send any sort of bulk messages using the service such as announcing product updates or monthly promotions via SMS or email campaigns.

Text Now also ensures that its Messages will comply with major carrier rules on SMS delivery rates by throttling outgoing messages properly in order to stay within guideline limits per hour/day prospectively set by different carriers such as AT&T or Verizon Wireless customers. Moreover, pre & post-transactional analytics around message performance allows Text Now’s technical team to monitor event notifications as soon as a potential issue occurs -allowing user-base segmentation & targeting specifically across carriers so targeted remedy actions can be triggered when dealing with issues at scale and preventing further disruption in overall campaign deliverability rates for our partners down the line when engaging real-time mass-market advertising or promotional outreach campaigns.

Ultimately this ensures that no standard messaging flows from outbound processes can go above the designated threshold put into place making sure deliveries attempted through Text Now Messaging Platform always abide by Deliverability Guidelines & Cap Regulations

In conclusion, companies offering text now services like TextNow must comply with the new rules and guidelines developed by if they want their messages delivered successfully; thankfully TextNow is 100% compliant with CampaignRegistry’s rules meaning its customers can feel secure knowing their communications will reach their intended recipients without interruption despite any changes made by Campaign Registry moving forward in regards to message flows between marketing participants around the globe within the ecosystem of channels they actively participate in & manage using Emails, SMS, WhatsApp blasts alike!

Text Now Messaging is following the New Rules for Message Delivery

As a text now messaging provider, it is our responsibility to ensure that all messaging campaigns adhere to the rules and regulations of This new platform has changed the way carriers like AT&T and Verizon interact with us and the manner in which we are able to deliver messages to their customers. Today we will cover how Text Now Messaging ensures 100% compliance with the new rules and guidelines set out by and how this new adherence can help prevent delivery issues when sending text messages. recently launched a new rulebook outlining the restrictions placed upon mass communication via text messages. Text Now Messaging quickly responded by ensuring that all messaging campaigns meet these guidelines in order to provide every carrier an equal playing field for delivering marketing messages without discrimination or bias on behalf of any subscribing carrier involved. To achieve this goal, Text Now Messaging now verifies every single message before its sent out, actively putting into action a series of steps that include checking its content against barred language, required approvals for certain industries (law enforcement, government health care), audience list validation, spell check, formatting checks, etc. These measures guarantee that there is no possibility of any message sent out by our services being held up due to DND filters or other letter compliance issues.

At Text Now Messaging, we also believe that transparency is key when it comes to dealing with third-party services or Platforms such as Campaign Registry. That is why we have established specific protocols in place such as confirming permission from our users regarding receiving updates from Campaign Registry prior to displaying their information on our system’s dashboard. Additionally, we constantly monitor changes made within the service platform so as to keep our users informed at all times concerning any political /legal aspects of both mobile operators & regulatory requirements associated with texting campaigns.

These efforts are directed towards creating a more secure environment for both carriers & users alike while helping Text Now Messaging stay compliant with the most recent rules & regulations set out by By closely following these protocols, we’re one step closer to understanding & preventing potential delivery issues resulting from oddities during interactions between major carriers like AT&T or Verizon and text now messaging worldwide. Ultimately providing peace of mind for everyone regardless if you’re working solo or affiliated through a multi-group organization responsible for deploying millions of successful outreach campaigns

Who is The Campaign Registry and What is 10DLC?

A Sanctioned Environment

10 Digit Long Code (10DLC) is the new standard for Application-to-Person (A2P) text messaging utilizing a traditional 10-digit phone number. Although similar to the existing long code, 10DLC is a reliable messaging channel with throughput levels suitable for SMS campaigns and is sanctioned by mobile operators for A2P messaging.

Campaign Registry Best Practices

The Campaign Registry guidelines require Users to follow industry best practices according to the CTIA. For more information, please see the CTIA Messaging Principles and Best Practices Guide

About The Campaign Registry

The Campaign Registry is the central hub for registering A2P 10DLC messaging campaigns.

TCR™ works with North American mobile operators and companies that are in the messaging business to register Application-to-Person (A2P) text messaging Campaigns. The registry supports a sanctioned A2P 10 Digit Long Code (10DLC) text messaging Campaign ecosystem and provides visibility into the messaging source and content, allowing mobile carriers to provide a more reliable and simple messaging service for Campaign Service Providers (CSPs) and Brands

Who is involved

Campaign Brand


The company or entity the end user believes to be sending the message.


A CSP (Campaign Service Provider) is the primary user of TCR (The Campaign Registry). A CSP works with multiple Brands to create and launch SMS messaging Campaigns.

Direct Connect Aggregator


A DCA (Direct Connect Aggregator) is a company that has a direct connection to a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) Gateway and transmits messages on behalf of its customers.

Mobile Network Operator


A MNO (Mobile Network Operator) is a mobile operator who provides connectivity to end users.

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