Text Messaging for Homeowner Associations

Should Your HOA use Text Messaging?

The number of community associations is rising, prompted by a desire for community and collective responsibility among residents. Effective communication with residents is essential for the successful running of a community and to enhance the resident experience. Phone calls are inconvenient when it comes to managing multiple locations. Homeowners are expecting to access information regarding HOA dues payments, meetings, events, policies, architectural requests, maintenance, emergencies, and other vital community updates through digital means. Is text messaging for homeowner associations beneficial for customer engagement and connection?

As the number of community associations rises, digital communication has become an increasingly important tool for delivering information to homeowners. Bulk text messages provide a simple and efficient method of communication that can be used to keep residents engaged and connected to their community.


The majority of adults possess a mobile phone, and text messages have become the preferred mode of communication. Homeowners Associations (HOAs) can use text messaging to provide residents with options on how they would like to receive updates. Text Now Messaging allows residents to choose their preferred method of communication such as text, email, phone, or mail. Text messages have the unique ability to reach people quickly and effectively.

Is it beneficial for a Homeowners' Association to utilize text messaging?

98% of mass SMS text messages are opened, while emails have only a 20% open rate. Maybe you use HOA communication tools like voice calls, email, social media, or a website. These tools can be helpful for monthly updates or other non-crucial communications.

But what about more urgent information like a missing pet or a guest vehicle parked in a reserved lot? Calling every resident in a short time is not possible. Uploading the info to the website or social media takes time, and you won’t know if residents will even see these postings in a timely manner. Send an email?

Emails, on average, are opened 6 hours and 24 minutes after they are sent. None of the above options are helpful during a critical moment. On the other hand, text messages, on average, are opened within 3 minutes of being sent. That’s why mass text messaging is the most efficient way to reach all residents in your HOA. Additionally, 98% of mass text messages are opened, while emails have only a 20% open rate.

Why Text Messaging

Messages sent through this medium will likely be received and viewed within the first three minutes due to its nearly 100% open rate. By sending text messages to a neighborhood or other community, residents can stay informed of important information with added immediacy and personalization, providing them both peace of mind and an increased sense of importance.

Increasingly, bulk mobile communication is being utilized by communities for the purposes of providing their residents with important information, including weather emergencies, power outages, planned construction, special events, and deadlines for HOA dues. This tool can be useful in the event of a missing child, pet, or property damage due to vandalism or burglary. The potential benefits of rapid mass communication during an urgent situation could help keep people safe.

Respond to queries and complaints via text messages.

Residents may utilize text message notifications to quickly contact you regarding any questions or concerns. Automated responders can help you quickly answer commonly-request questions such as how to complete online payments, saving your team time.

Sending text messages to residents can be beneficial in informing them of any changes to the HOA office availability or the neighborhood.

In the message, you can highlight any changes and send a link directing the member to learn more about the update. Compared to email, text messages have a higher likelihood of being read and easily understood by members.


Examples of Text Messages for HOAs

  • HOA meeting reminder text message example

    “Here’s a friendly reminder to save the date for our next monthly meeting. Join us Monday at 6:30 pm at {address}. We’ll discuss the {topics}. – {HOA name} – To opt-out, reply STOP.”

  • HOA general information text message example

    “Welcome to the neighborhood {first name}🎉 Here is a link to our HOA general rules: {website link}. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch. {number}, {address}. – {HOA name} – To opt-out, reply STOP”

  • HOA emergency text message example

    “URGENT: Winter-weather advisory! Protect your home from frozen pipes {website link}, – {HOA name} – To opt-out, reply STOP”

  • HOA reminder text message example

    “Hi {first name}. Please remember the final date to pay HOA dues is April 30. Drop off checks in-person M-F from 9-5 at {address}, or make an online payment at {website link}. – {HOA name} – To opt-out, reply STOP”

About TextNow

TextNow.Cloud messaging is a business text messaging platform that gives you the features you need to connect with your audience.

TextNow.Cloud messaging is a great tool for Homeowner Associations (HOAs) looking to streamline their communication with residents. This business text messaging platform provides HOAs with the features they need to reach their members in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

The platform allows HOAs to send bulk messages without having to manually enter each individual recipient number. This saves time when it comes to informing residents of upcoming meetings, policy changes, emergency notifications, and more. Additionally, TextNow.Cloud messaging provides an opt-in and opt-out feature which allows members to easily control the messages they receive from the HOA.

In short, text messaging is a great tool for HOAs to keep their members informed and engaged with the community. TextNow.Cloud messaging allows for easy, efficient communication that is cost-effective and convenient for both the HOA and its members.

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