Onboarding Process


Welcome to TextNow!

Thank you for signing up for TextNow.cloud to provide you with business-class texting. In the next few days, one of our representatives will reach out to you for additional information to set up your account. Please take a moment to read over the required information we need to finalize your account.

We are an authorized agent CSP (Campaign Service Provider) for the Campaign Registry and all Text Messaging, no matter how small or large MUST be approved and vetted by the Campaign Registry. 

Effective June 1, 2023: All Text Messaging must be approved by the Campaign Registry.

Due to delays in processing new customers by the Campaign Registry, you may not be able to send text messages immediately. All users must be U.S. based and sending SMS and MMS messaging must be in compliance with all the rules of the Campaign Registry. We will help you with this registration process and there is no cost for low-volume text messaging applications. Depending on your use it might take as long as three weeks to get your telephone number approved by the Campaign Registry. We are an authorized CSP (Campaign Service Provider) for the Campaign Registry and will expedite the processing of your application to send 10DLC (also known as A2P messaging) business text messages. This service is a subscription service and we do not offer refunds. Cancellation for future months’ services will be effective at the end of the billing cycle. 

Please be prepared to answer the following questions when speaking with a TextNow Onboarding representative.

Main phone number

Will you be using your business phone number or do you need an additional phone number? (yes/no) Please note TextNow service Service includes 1 phone number. $10 per additional phone number.

List the phone number(s) you wish to use for texting. If you will need more than one phone number, please let us know.

Need an additional number?

If you don’t wish to use your existing business phone number, we can assign you one. Do you need a new phone number? (yes/no)

If “YES,” please let us know from what location your new phone number should originate (City, State).

Tell us about your additional number(s)

If “YES,” please let us know from what location your new phone number should originate (City, State).

Using the TextNow platform allows you to receive texts in three ways:

  • Web portal – Our easy-to-navigate web portal lets you sort and search contacts, use templates schedule messages and so much more!
  • Smartphone app – Our TextNow smartphone app gives you text with customers using your business phone number from any compatible smartphone (iPhone or Android).
  • Email – What is the email address you would like to use?

The Campaign Registry

In order for us to be compliant with regulations regarding bulk texting, we submit all requests for texting to The Campaign Registry, the information hub that allows us to register 10DLC (Ten-Digit Long Code) messaging campaigns.

The Campaign Registry uses the following services to verify your information.

Please be ready to answer these questions.

  1. Legal Company
  2. EIN or Federal ID
  3. DUNS Number (if you have one)
  4. Legal Address of Company
  5. Website of Company
  6. Contact email and telephone number for Support
  7. List of Telephone numbers for the Brand Registration
Remember, every 72 characters sent outbound count as a message segment. MMS images count as 1 message. Inbound messages are always free. We will contact you for your telephone number to set up your account once this sign-up is completed.
Subscription includes:

1 User, and 1 Telephone Number – Additional Users $10/per Month (Contact us) – Additional Telephone numbers $10/per Month (Contact us), Web Portal and Mobile App Access, Use your Business Telephone number, Bulk Sending (Sending limit based on the plan purchased. Overage cost $.02 per message). Campaign Registry Approved!

Please note, approval times through The Campaign Registry vary from a few hours to several weeks, depending on the type of SMS/MMS traffic from your company (e.g. marketing vs conversational), the number of users sending SMS/MMS, and the accuracy of your registration application.

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