8 best business text messaging services in 2023

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Business Text Messaging Made Easy with Text Now


Is your business taking full advantage of the power and potential offered by text messaging? SMS texting is quickly becoming a necessity for business communication, as it allows business owners and employees to easily and effectively communicate with customers, colleagues, and business partners.

Nowadays, phone calls, emails, and even video communication are the standards for sales and marketing efforts. However, text messaging stands out from the crowd, offering a low-cost and reliable way to stay connected with leads and customers.

Underscoring the enormity of business texting, especially for small businesses, is a must. TextNow.cloud offers business texting solutions that are designed to give business owners the tools they need to effectively communicate with their customers and business partners. With TextNow.cloud, business owners can quickly send SMS messages from their computers or phones, allowing for fast and convenient communication.

Put yourself in their shoes. Our peers and customers are always on the move, and we’re spending more time than ever attached to our devices. Plus, shoppers have become increasingly confident with making purchases from mobile phones or tablets. As a business, how do you anticipate their needs?

Here at TextNow.cloud, we have witnessed the spectacular growth of mobile communication for businesses both big and small. That’s why you can trust us to provide a dependable text messaging service that ensures your business runs smoothly.

We’ve created a list of business texting services that will put your organization in the hands of your customers. If you’re itching to find out which text messaging tools made the cut, feel free to jump ahead and take a look!

Although everyone seems to be talking about video conferencing, let’s explore why we’re focusing on text messaging in this blog post.

Why text messaging is so important for businesses today

We understand if you’re hesitant to embrace the advantages of text messaging for business purposes.

Most likely, the majority of your company’s communication occurs through telephone calls or emails. The thought of conducting business via text message might appear intimidating due to its character limits and lack of in-person interactions.

Text messaging is an essential component of any business’s communication strategy, and the advantages are undeniable. Here are some benefits to keep in mind:

Text messages are an indispensable communication tool, far more reliable than calls and emails.

Calls are being left unanswered and emails are getting buried deep between messages or even winding up in the dreaded “Spam” folder.

On the other hand, text messages are an entirely different matter.

Thinking about using text messages for marketing? Consider this: texts have a read rate of 98%, whereas emails come in at merely 20%. Additionally, the typical person looks at their phone an astounding 96 times daily.2 With that kind of engagement and access to audiences, there is huge potential to reach more people with your message when you choose to text over email!

The bottom line? Text messages allow you to convey your message without annoying or interrupting potential customers, ensuring that it is seen in the most effective way possible.

A sign of the times – customers prefer to communicate by text

In order to effectively reach and engage customers, you must be adept at speaking their language.

Customer data shows that the majority of customers, especially those under 55 years old, genuinely prefer to be contacted through text for certain circumstances. For instance, they would rather confirm appointments or accept offers via text than any other form of communication. In fact, 90% would open an email within three minutes, compared with the 20% who would open an email.

Out of the consumers surveyed, 74% said they would be more likely to respond to a text from a business if they knew the person on the receiving end was real.

If you’re looking to attract the younger crowd, SMS is a must-have. Studies show that an overwhelming 75% of millennials prefer text communication over voice calls. It’s safe to assume this reliance on texting will only continue with Gen Z and future generations of consumers. Don’t miss out – take advantage of SMS marketing now!

Why is texting so popular? It’s all about efficiency. In a world where time is money, SMS provides an efficient way to stay in touch with customers quickly and easily. While it may not be the best choice for building strong customer relationships, it’s perfect for quick confirmations or check-ins.

SMS is a no-brainer way to ensure your business operates around the clock!

Building on the earlier point, your business will always be available with SMS.

Text messaging services enable businesses to confirm orders and appointments even after regular business hours, eliminating the need of sending emails or making customer calls.

With the help of autoresponders, your business will become more accessible and appealing to prospective customers who might not feel comfortable communicating with someone directly.

If nothing else, writing texts for your business doesn’t have to be rocket science. Whereas email and call scripts are lengthier, character limits ensure that the average business text is short and to the point.

Business texting services give you the ability to generate and personalize templates and automated responses, making it possible for you to start a campaign that runs with minimal oversight. But don’t worry – if needed, there’s always room for follow-up conversations either over the phone or email!

What makes a great business SMS app?

With an abundance of texting applications available on the market, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your business. To make sure you find a suitable platform that meets all your needs and provides outstanding service, here are some must-haves to consider before selecting a text messaging solution.

Is your customer’s data protected and secure?

People place a high value on their privacy, which is why it’s essential to keep any information they give you safe from hackers and spam. When someone entrusts your business with their phone number, it indicates that the customer has faith in you not to exploit or put at risk those details. Thus, protecting personal data should be a top priority for all businesses. As our guide to secure messaging apps outlines, there are ways of ensuring sensitive materials remain private and protected!

Businesses should be cautious when using tools such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger for business-related texting due to their increased risk of security breaches. To keep the personal and financial safety of both you and your customers secure, an exclusive messaging app connected to a genuine business phone number is necessary instead. Carelessly relying on consumer apps can put your company’s security at stake – avoid this at all costs!

Are you looking for a messaging service that is cost-effective and can adapt to your business’s growth?

The great news for our list is that all of the services mentioned are friendly on your budget even if you’re a small business owner or work with smaller teams. When it comes to business texting, scalability has to be kept in mind because once you sign up, you’ll need to make sure sending and receiving texts from customers will become part of your daily routine. It’s essential to understand how much usage and frequency will be required by taking into account the size and scope of your business operations.

When deciding which texting service to use, it is essential to consider the cost of your plan. A variety of services provide options such as credit-based payment systems or unlimited access, with rates that vary depending on the size and scope of customers you are covering. Before making a commitment for either strategies or finances, ensure you have invested in an SMS platform that will best suit your needs.

So, what are the best texting services for business?

Ready to unlock the power of texting? Check out our top 8 texting tools that are perfect for small businesses, easy to use and most importantly, budget-friendly!

1. TextNow.cloud: A powerful tool to boost your communications to the next level

Finally, a way to use your main business number to reach your customers wherever they are! With the help of TextNow.cloud, you can collect payments from anywhere and communicate with customers without missing a beat. We’re here to make sure that every customer is happy – no matter where or when you need them.

Offering a complete suite of features like auto-responders, access to conversions from the desktop app, and tracking conversion history.

Pairing TextNow.cloud with a dependable cloud-based business phone provider like Carolina Digital Phone completes the package for all your business communications needs!

TextNow.cloud is a business text messaging platform that gives you the features you need to connect with your audience. All from your existing business number! SMS and MMS Messaging is the best way to reach your target audience. Text Now Messaging makes it fast & easy!

2. ZipWhip: Sleek, simplified text with an emphasis on automation and saving time

ZipWhip is a fairly comprehensive texting tool that looks to save users as much time as possible.

The platform allows the creation of a variety of templates for text-based announcements and confirmations such as check-ins, payments, and appointment reminders. Creating workflows that you can put on autopilot, ZipWhip does a ton of legwork when it comes to otherwise tedious tasks on behalf of your customer service team.

One noteworthy benefit of ZipWhip is its capacity to generate autoresponders depending on particular keywords and queries from customers. To provide an example, if someone’s text message contains the word “hours,” then you could use this platform to craft an automated reply outlining your company’s operational hours.

Beyond these automations, ZipWhip also allows you to chat one-on-one via text messaging with your customers akin to live chat. You can likewise add personalized signatures to your business-based texts to give your messages a personal touch.

3. EZTexting: A mass-messaging app made with marketing in mind

With features tailored to marketing campaigns, EZTexting provides an easy-to-use mass-texting tool. To get started quickly and efficiently, you can set up the following within its platform in just a few clicks:

  • Contests
  • Coupon codes
  • Vouchers
  • SMS-only offers

Exclusives are great for not only customer loyalty, but they can also be used to encourage customers to join your texting list. With EZTexting’s analytics and email marketing tool integrations, you have a comprehensive overview of how SMS plays a role in the conversion process.

In addition to these marketing tools, you can also configure automated reminders and alerts similar to ZipWhip. The platform is easy-to-use with both flexible use and high volume plans that cater to your requirements. If you’re looking for à la carte messaging features, you may add on extra business numbers or additional messages.

TextRequest: Mass-texting for small service-based businesses

TextRequest is a texting tool specifically designed for small and service-based businesses. Autoresponders, confirmation texts, the ability to save text campaigns, and the creation of templates for later use are all standard features.

TextRequest sets itself apart from other applications with its amazing lead generation features. With “click to text,” customers can quickly connect with your business in a matter of seconds no matter where they’re at – be it on your website, Google ads, or Instagram profile. This feature eliminates the need for opt-in forms and instead allows businesses to begin texting their customers immediately.

5. SimpleTexting: A sleek platform with powerful texting features

SimpleTexting excels in its mission—offering a straightforward, user-friendly platform that allows you effortless control over individualized texts with customers as well as comprehensive marketing initiatives.

With features like scheduled texting, auto-responders, and direct communication with your customers via text built-in – you can easily upload your existing list of contacts to start using the service.

Standout features such as text-based polls, voting, and push notifications make for more meaningful texting interactions with your customers. Additionally, link-tracking analytics can help you better understand which interactions are working and which aren’t.

The platform’s pricing is based on purchasing “credits” for use. However, it is also technically a free text messaging service for businesses for up to 14 days (with 50 outgoing texts and full features to start out with).

6. Clicksend: Pay-as-you-go texting for companies that need lots of flexibility

With its pay-as-you-go platform, Clicksend is the perfect SMS gateway for businesses seeking to connect with customers through text messages. This feature gives users control over how much they want to send and receive in terms of messaging, setting it apart from competitors on our list!

Clicksend is the perfect platform for enterprises that wish to offer plain and simple customer service or occasional marketing campaigns. Its unique feature allows businesses to effortlessly sync with email programs like Outlook, so they can quickly send text messages from emails already created.

7. Textedly: Mass messaging and reminders for small businesses new to texting

Textedly is a text messaging platform that, while seemingly run-of-the mill at first glance, packs quite the punch. Standard features such as mass texting, scheduling functions, and automated replies are only some of its many powerful capabilities which distinguish it from other platforms on our listing.

Textedly is the perfect choice for service businesses looking to save time, as its expansive selection of pre-made templates tailored specifically to various industries can be implemented with ease. For instance, reservation or appointment based companies are able to configure their SMS campaigns practically from the box. Textedly has also become renowned for providing exceptional customer support – making it ideal for those who may need extra assistance setting up and getting started with SMS!

8. Google Voice: A basic text messaging for companies already using Google Workplace (formerly Google Workspace)

Google Voice may not be the most comprehensive solution for texting, but it does offer businesses a straightforward option to quickly reach out and connect with their customers.

Suppose you have a select few customers or your business already depends on Google’s apps. In that case, shelling out money for mass texting or launching large-scale campaigns may not appeal to you.

Utilizing the texting features of Google’s Voice, if Gmail is your preferred communication platform, is an excellent way to stay connected with customers on the go. It would be wise for businesses to make desktop texting a cornerstone of their mobile messaging strategy.

The app provides exactly what you need and nothing more, covering all the necessary bases. Despite its limited text-related features, we can always trust that Google Voice is secure and dependable due to it being a product of Google.

Are you using a text messaging service for business yet?

Don’t just offer texting as a business service, make sure you do it excellently. After all, mobile messaging has become an essential part of the customer experience in today’s day and age.

With a specialized texting solution, you can quickly and efficiently roll out mobile campaigns to reach more customers. RingCentral makes it easy for you to streamline all of your internal and external business communications in one convenient platform. With their help, scaling your customer outreach is simple!

To find out more about how TextNow.cloud can help you boost your customer service, streamline company-wide communications and grow your bottom line, contact TextNow.cloud today!

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