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Text Now Messaging is a business text messaging service that allows businesses to send SMS reminders, alerts, confirmations, and marketing campaigns. We’re here to make sure that every customer is happy – no matter where or when you need them.

With 90% of messages read in the first three minutes and a 45% response rate, SMS is the perfect channel to deliver high-engagement campaigns. Get guaranteed message delivery with compliance with Campaign Registry messaging!

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Cloud-Based Text Messaging Service. is a business text messaging service that allows businesses to send SMS reminders, alerts, confirmations and marketing campaigns.

Start Engaging Your Audience

Text Now Messaging is a business text messaging platform that gives you the features you need to connect with your audience. All from your existing business number!

SMS and MMS Messaging is the best way to reach your target audience. Text Now Messaging makes it fast & easy!

Message with Customers via SMS easily with Text Now Messaging

Group Messaging to Saved Contact Groups

Easily Send messages to groups and keep track of every invidudual thread of message to each person. Keep a history of every text sent.

Send Emergency Notifications via SMS Messaging

Send Emergency Notifications

Quicky get the attention of your emergency team to advise them of emergency situations by messaging them of alarms.

Easily and Quickly Engage Customers for New Sale Opportunities

Engage Customers for New Sale Opportunities

Increase you customer engagement with regular promotions to keep customers coming back for more.

Save time, money, and effort with TextNow Messaging!

Increase Sales

If you’re not promoting your business via text you’re leaving money on the table! With a 98% open rate, texting is one the best ways to let your customers know that it’s time to visit your business.

Increase Attendance

Texting makes it easy to alert customers about upcoming appointments and events. It takes forever to call everyone on your list, and emails don't get opened. Automated text reminders increases attendance and reduces no-shows.

Stay Top of Mind

Texting doesn't end when your customers make a purchase. Follow up with product information or customer service assistance. Your customers will be grateful, and your company will stay top-of-mind.

Send Notifications

Reach thousands of contacts at once with mass alerts and notifications. Texting is the easiest way to get the word out quickly. It works far better and faster than email. And, it adds good support and effective results.

Easy personalization

The easiest way to reach your customers through personalized SMS marketing. Our dynamic content and message templates make personalization easy!

Campaigns that actually work

Text marketing has a 98% open rate, which means it’s highly effective. Text campaigns are the easiest way to measure response rates and get instant results.

Why Text Now

  • Engage with your customers

  • Increase your conversions

  • Reinforce your brand

From your computer Send SMS and MMS Messaging quickly and easily to your contacts

Who should use
Text Now?

Sales & Marketing

Operations Teams

Customer Service

We Have Completed Many Transactions

“My day is usually quite hectic. Before I used Text Now I had to juggle fitting in lead nurturing and customer outreach one person at a time.

Text Now helped me get more outreach done in a shorter amount of time, and now I’m not juggling quite so much mental load.

Having these texts come straight from my company phone number has been a great way to improve brand recognition and protect my team’s private information.”

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