Why Customers Prefer Text Messages to Phone Calls

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Business Text Messaging Made Easy with Text Now

In a matter of decades, communication technology has advanced significantly – from snail mail and telegraph to telephones, faxes, emails, and now text messages! This technological breakthrough is an absolute godsend for global businesses that can enhance their customer service with modern tools.

While plenty of other forms of communication are still convenient, more and more people prefer texting to connect with businesses. Unfortunately, an abundance of companies have yet to take advantage of this technology! If you’re looking for a reliable option for your business text messaging needs, TextNow.cloud is the perfect choice – here’s why:

Customer Service

Customer service should be a priority for any business. One way to guarantee customer satisfaction is by providing customers with various ways of communicating with your company – the more options, the better! For instance, if an organization just provides their patrons with one phone number to contact them at, those who are busy working during daytime hours may never even get the chance to reach out and connect. Offering additional communication portals will not only keep all customers satisfied but foster long-term loyalty as well.

For businesses, connecting with customers is made possible through a variety of communication channels. From phone/voice calls to emails, online chats, and text messages – the latter being predominantly preferred by people from all corners of the world. Texting has become an integral part in customer interaction due to its convenience and positive response it receives from individuals.

The popularity of Text Messages

In April 2019, a GagetCover study revealed that 88% of mobile device users rely on text messaging as their primary function. This doesn’t even take into account other messaging apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp! At Text Now, we strongly believe that every business should be equipped with texting capabilities to tap into this well-used communication channel.

Text vs Voice

It’s no secret that people are more inclined to text than they are to pick up the phone and have a conversation. The interesting part is, why? In truth, there aren’t just one or two explanations as to why individuals prefer an SMS over a call – it all boils down to various characteristics of texts that make them so appealing! Whether you’re connecting with family or engaging in business-related affairs; these attributes apply universally – we all love texting for similar reasons!

Texting is Less Invasive

Cell phone users enjoy text messages because they are less intrusive than calls. Many adults were brought up without caller ID, and as a result, had to answer any ringing phone right away – no matter what time of day it was or how inconvenient the interruption may have been. Thus, there is an ingrained mindset that calls need immediate attention.

On the contrary, text messages are much less pressing. With only a few moments required to read them, they can be discreetly checked anytime; letting your receiver respond at their convenience or at another appropriate time. Additionally, this helps make your marketing efforts feel far from intrusive and more welcoming.

Text messages have the advantage of being direct and straightforward, which eliminates “small talk” from phone conversations. This helps move the conversation along at a quicker pace, meaning employees (and customers) can save valuable time!

Texting is Faster

Texting is one of the quickest methods for communication. Business text messaging allows businesses to automate messages that are sent from their main business number, freeing up time and energy for employees since no further input is needed after programming them. This provides customers with exceptional service without having to exhaust resources or personnel.

Customers love business text messages, as they can get quick responses to their questions and worries without having to stay on hold. This clearly demonstrates that your customer’s time is important to you while giving them the tools they need and crave.

You Can Send Reminders

Text messages are helpful reminders to customers of their appointments, payment records, order updates, and tracking numbers. Not only do these written documents provide an easy reference point for later use but they also remove the hassle of searching through multiple email inboxes or deleting voicemails after listening. With text message reminders, businesses can be confident that their customers will never miss important information again!

Get Started with Business Text Messages

As far as reasons for establishing business texting are concerned, the possibilities are virtually infinite. While many customers favor this form of communication, not providing it could have disastrous consequences for your business.

Let TextNow.cloud be your guide in starting off on the right foot with business text messaging. Our user-friendly platform will make it a breeze to get up and running, and our knowledgeable team is here for you every step of the way. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to invigorate customer service by offering an additional communication channel – contact us today!

To see Next Now in action, text “Demo” to 336 490-4900 

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