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Business Text Messaging Made Easy with Text Now

Medical professionals can offer lifestyle SMS messages to their patients. These messages can be simple reminders to drink water, follow their recommended diet, and get their steps in.

Imagine you are sitting at home relaxing with your family. Your phone rings and you don’t recognize the number. What do you do? Do you answer it? Do you let it go to voicemail? Now imagine the same scenario but instead of a phone call, it’s a text message from your general practitioner’s main business number. Did you know that you are 209% more likely to react or respond to a text message than a phone call? The healthcare industry can take advantage of this information by using text or SMS messaging to improve the patient experience.

SMS Messaging

Among many providers, Text Now This service allows your healthcare entity the ability to set up SMS messaging. SMS can be used for a variety of client interactions. What’s even better is that SMS can also be set up with automation, freeing your employees to work on higher-level tasks.

You can use SMS messaging to send out mass messages to your employees, reminding them of staff meetings or general updates in the policy. This is especially useful when the staff is very large. Gone are the days when you need to individually message or contact each and every employee. One SMS message can be used for the whole staff. SMS not only increases the efficiency and effectiveness of employees but also improves the patient experience.

Improving Patient Experience

There is a wide variety of interactions between office staff and patients that can be simplified by SMS messaging. When patients are fully aware and informed, the patient experience becomes much more pleasant.


As a healthcare provider, you know how costly it is when patients forget to come to their appointments. With Text Now, your SMS solution can send automated reminders to your patients ahead of time. Not only can SMS send appointment reminders, but they can also help initiate the process to set up appointments as well.

Medical Instructions and Reminders

It can be tricky to make sure patients are following medical instructions. SMS messages can be sent to patients to let them know exactly how they are supposed to take their medicine. SMS messages can also be used to let patients know that it is time for a refill on their medications, as well as when it is time to pick up their medications.

Access to Medical Records

Most healthcare facilities have started offering their patients access to their medical records, appointment follow-ups, and laboratory results through a patient portal. This is a great tool for patients to be informed about their health care. Another way to further increase patient experience with the patient portal is by offering an SMS one-time-use password. This grants the patient access to their information without the need to create a password.

Life Coaching

Medical professionals can offer lifestyle SMS messages to their patients. These messages can be simple reminders to drink water, follow their recommended diet, and get their steps in. These simple lifestyle reminders can improve the patient experience by improving the patient’s overall health. Encouraging patients to make healthy lifestyle choices can decrease the number of doctor visits the patient needs and improve their quality of life of the patient.

Improve the Patient Experience Today

Text Now is exactly what your healthcare facility needs to get started with SMS messaging. The professionals at RyText have worked hard to bring you the best in business messaging. We can provide you with a perfect solution that not only improves the patient experience but also fulfills your need to follow local and national rules and regulations.

You can rest assured that your patients are receiving the highest level of care while easing the burden of some communications for your employees. Contact us to get started with an amazing SMS solution today!

To see Next Now in action, text “Demo” to 336 490-4900 

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